Thursday, January 5, 2012

Perpetual Calander: Another Pinterest Project

I'm sure that no one is surprised to see another Pinterest project. I really do love that site and love all of the inspiration that I can get from others. Thank you to whoever it was that sent me that invite so many months ago.

I have a box that is full of old day timers, I don't really know why I choose to save them. It feels like some day I might want to look back and see what I was doing on March 25th 2007 (something fun...this is hubs birthday). Either way I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I spot this awesome project and its a must! Just think of all of the years I can get in that tiny cute box! Here is the original pin on Pinterest. The project comes from Design Sponge and directions can be found here.

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The hard part come with finding that adorable tiny fruit basket! Its next to impossible! I found them on Etsy in this shop, I paid $6 for a dozen of them and then $5 shipping. Which makes them less than a dollar, if I can find some other projects to use the remaining baskets. No worries I have a few ideas already pinned.

The original post used vintage post cards as her month dividers. I thought I would take my own spin on it and bought a few sheets of vintage themed card stock at Hobby Lobby, gotta love those 6 pages for $1 sales. I also purchased a packet of black craft paper recipe cards. I figured I have a favorite that is seasonal and would include it. Packet of  18 cards was $2.99 plus that awesome 40% off coupon.

After I cut all 180 of my index cards I realized that the baskets I have are larger than the one featured. If you purchase your baskets from this same shop I think I would go with the 5x7 index cards rather than the 4x6 used here.

Not a fan of the recycled paper basket look? Don't worry Anthropology has amazing ceramic fruit baskets in 5 beautiful color and in two sizes available here.

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  1. this is a great idea! i think ill make one this week. thank you for sharing!


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