Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1LW #2

Last week I pledge to have year focused on being Positive. Easier said than done. I never thought about being a "Debbie Downer" as my husband calls it.

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I spent time praying about it and talking with my mom and husband about it. Since they are the two people I talk to most I figured I should let them in on my personal challenge. Hubs and I traveled to my parents house this past weekend, and mom was their to be encouraging as well as accountable. When she heard me talking and thought it might be about to take a turn she would smile and remind me to be positive. It was AWESOME, I loved it...and yet so hard. It made me acutely aware of how often my month says something negative. A few times I was able to change the direction on the conversation while a few others just had to be ended because their was no good to come out of them.

Thank you God for a mother that holds me accountable and encourages me!

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Their were several other areas of my life that I want to work on too.

My marriage for instance. Hubs and I are still newlyweds (two years) but have been together for 8 and still find things that really get at each others nerves. I imagine that this never completely goes away. Several times I wanted to complain about a disagreement we had or he didn't do what I wanted him to do and then realized that nothing positive comes from that conversation.
I recently purchased the Bible on CD for him to have in the car. I thought this was an odd request, but he kept mentioning it. We got it in the mail just a few days before we started on our 11 hour round trip drive to visit family. We chose a book to listen to and little did I know the amazing discussions that would stem from these CDs. We listened to all but the last 2 chapters of the book of Matthew. We stopped and rewound, paused and discussed, asked questions and thought of questions to discuss with my family when we arrived. It was wonderful!

I felt so blessed to have a husband that has the same beliefs as me, yet so suprised to see how we inturpret things differently sometimes. I continued to read my bible and pray almost daily, I missed 1 day of reading because of the traveling. I feel that God is working in me to be a better wife, a stronger child of God and a Godly women to influence others. 

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I ordered a book this past week called, My So-called Life As a Proverbs 31 Wife: A One-year Experiment...and Its Surprising Results. I had hoped it would be here in time for our trip but didn't arrive in time. Fingers are crossed that it comes in todays mail so I can read it on the plane tomorrow as we head on a little trip just me and hubs.

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  1. I like the poster - Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday - so true! Those are words to live by! Awesome that you are looking for the positive and staying motivated :)

  2. what an awesome post and a great word! I love that you got the chance to listen to the Bible together and discussed it! I love hearing other peoples points of view! love it! thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is so's so important to "stay positive"...and it makes such a difference in your day! Great job :)

  4. Lani, I love this. I'm so glad you have a great support system in place! You're my pick for this week! You;ll be featured tomorrow morning!!


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